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Why use a Commercial Real Estate Broker?

Our clients have enough to do in their day to day to take the time to compile and review listings, call listing agents, schedule and arrange property tours, write LOI’s (offers), review city zoning, and stay on top of a lengthy negotiation, among other things.  Property owners can save time as well, by hiring a commercial real estate agent to handle their sale and lease listings, the property owner is freeing himself of the time it takes to create and update listings on the various commercial real estate listing services, field phone calls and emails from prospective tenants or their agents, show the property, handle a negotiation, and facilitate a closing whether that be preparing and executing a lease document or managing an escrow through its process.

Most consumers are not aware that commercial real estate listings are not as centralized as they are in residential real estate.  Because there are so many different property and transactions types, commercial real estate has several different listing platforms, and only a couple of them are open to the public. This is not the case with residential real estate.  In residential transactions, buyers and sellers have access to all the data stored in the MLS.  You don’t need a residential agent to do the searching for you because you can find all the same information on your own.  This forces commercial real estate agents to pay a lot of money to gain access to the most up to date and relevant information available.  As such, if you don’t hire a commercial real estate agent you will not have access to most of the market’s available properties that fit your requirement.

As commercial real estate agents we have a market knowledge that our clients, both tenants/buyers and landlords/sellers, don’t have.  It’s our job, and like any profession we need to stay on top of the trends in our field.  Commercial agents perform much market analysis both on paper and in the field.  It is this constant barrage of analysis which we carry with us that allows us to keep up with supply and demand cycles in our geographic regions.  Because of this market knowledge we can quickly and inherently know if a listing is priced fairly or if a prospective tenant/buyer is worthwhile or not.  We are well read and discussed on the latest market trends which allows our clients the peace of mind to know that we are pricing them as intelligently and as up to date as possible..

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